Breezy Valley Farm is a wonderful barn and Bri Ambrosic brings a lot of knowledge, structure and compassion. She’s a wonderful trainer and we have followed her for years. She has taken excellent care of our OTTB mare over the years and continues to to do so. She runs a tight ship with regard to the cleanliness and organization of her barn. She has a gentleness with both horse and rider when it comes to training. Highly recommend if you are looking for top notch care and excellent training.        – Kirsty

I cannot recommend Bri Ambrosic enough! We have been with Bri for 8 years and could not be more grateful and pleased. Bri has answered every question and helped my daughter, Annie, to train a severely neglected pony. Bri has worked with hundreds of horses over 17+ years of horse work and has been a board member of the Foothills Riding Club. Her competence of horsemanship is very high as are her personal values.
In the horse world, we have come to realize that as in all things there are many kinds of riders and trainers. There are trainers and riders who view their horses as a tool for the sport that they love. These riders do not always seem to realize what their horse needs as an animal. Then on the opposite side are the horse riders and trainers who have trouble requiring the horses to actually work. Bri understands the sport, but also always takes into consideration the animal. She knows each horse under her care, and knows when and how to motivate them to work and become the best partner for their owner. She is extremely knowledgeable about the physiology of both the rider and the horse
Bri creates a positive environment for both her horses and her riders. She has been incredibly careful and patient with 58 year old me taking lessons, and has kindly pushed and encouraged my 17 yr. old to move greatly forward in her sport. She knowledgeably assesses each rider and each horses needs. The horse world seems to have quite a bit of human drama, but the mean spirited, pushy riders tend to not stay at Breezy Valley. Bri’s kindness attracts a similar spirit.
Breezy Valley Farm and Bri Ambrosic will not only provide a superb boarding experience, but will help you and your horse grow as athletes. We will be forever grateful that Bri has been our guide and teacher.      
– Jennifer

Bri is the most considerate trainer I could ask for. My pony is happy and healthy as can be and I can always count on him being well taken care of. Bri has been a miracle worker for helping train my horse and she makes me a better horse woman every day. Her barn is clean and meticulously kept, staff and boarders are always lovely.      – Annie

I have been boarding at Breezy Valley Farm for a few months now; I have my horse in a beginning dressage and fitness training program with Bri and my mare is already showing massive improvements! She is a lighter, bendier, happier horse than she has ever been in her life! I highly recommend Bri to anyone with a green horse who needs training up! The facilities are also wonderful, understated and easy to navigate, child friendly, lots of trails and arena options, this place has it all. Bri and her team love and care for the horse so wonderfully that I never have to worry about whether or not my horse is happy because Breezy Valley Farm has made her the happiest horse in the world!     – Sunny